Make the Most Out of Your Investment

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We Are on Your Team to Financial Security

My name is Laddel Edwards, and I have been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014. Needless to say, it has been a very eye-opening and profitable endeavor. As I progressed along my journey, I realized that some investment exchanges were very complicated to the average individual as well as time-consuming. My investments seemed to be on a seesaw, back and forth, back and forth.

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Over the years, I have purchased GIC, RESP, RRESP, and just about every other investment tool on the market. I just couldn’t see where all of this investing in the centralized money system was getting me. I had plans and desires that I wanted to fulfill. How could I do that with 1-4 percent returns being offered by the centralized financial system? This is how CMI was born! Together with my business partner, CMI (COO) Donald St. Gorge, we take the worry, hassle, and fear out of investing your hard-earned money. Simply invest with us and we guarantee a 20 percent return on your investment annually. No hassle, no gimmicks, and no undisclosed fees. Allow us to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself in life. We can help to give you prosperity and financial security. This is a company that cares about you and your wants. Banks and other financial institutions have been taking our money and not even keeping up with the rate of inflation while they post record profits year after year. CMI is a different kind of company. We put our clients first and foremost. Your money is guaranteed secure and safe with us. We provide that stability you dreamed of. Ask yourself, “Can you live happily with a return of 1-4 percent annually on your investment? Or can you live even better with a guaranteed 20 percent year over year deposited straight to the account of your choice?” Let us put your financial future on a straight road to security. 


Optimized to Make You Money

Our rates of return are extremely competitive with any financial institution worldwide. Once you are our client, all your financial concerns will be our financial concerns. Come and be part of our financial family by being our client.

Want to create wealth and build on it consistently? Well, there is a way for that with a CMI-built and -certified mining rig. Imagine, with a reasonable investment, being able to create your own self-worth and adding to it daily. That is the world of crypto mining. 

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